This is an old pic I took of one of my friends. We went to the sea, and she told me her boyfriend broke her heart that day. And oh god oh god she was so sad. She took off all of her clothes and jumped in the water without saying a word. I watched her swimming so far and then coming back. When she walked out she sat near the water and I took this picture of her. I’ll never forget her.

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✖☮☯Vertical haeven ☯☮✖


(by Anna Ristuccia)


 Bund Sightseeing Tunnel Shanghai photographed byJakob Wagner

This psychedelic tourist trap is a leisurely descent into madness

When trying to cross the Huang Pu River in Shanghai’s bustling Bund district, you can either hop on an inexpensive metro car, or you can take a psychedelic trip through the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel.

Located under the iconic Oriental Pearl Tower, the tunnel was built to be one of the Bund’s major tourist attractions, and still manages to draw large numbers of travelers despite costing more than ten times as much as the metro. Although riders do get a rather mind-blowing (if dated) experience. After hopping into a small, futuristic rail car, riders are leisurely carried through a tunnel which is covered in pulsing, strobing lights that attempt to simulate flight through some acid-soaked version of space. The bombardment of flashing lights and colors is accompanied by a rather ominous soundtrack punctuated by an occasional intonation of English words such as “…shining star…” and “…hell…” It is unclear whether the ride is trying to evoke wonder or terror, but both reactions seem appropriate.

Despite its name, the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel offers no Shanghai sights other than its own sensory bombardment. The entire ride lasts just under five minutes, but the mind-blowing light show could have much more lasting effects


Keith Haring’s apartment.

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‘file chair’ designed by bless for rotovision 2005

Postmodernism at its best, unsubtle, conceptual, bizarre and raw. 

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East of Eden , Pahud Hsieh

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64/365 by ~Abby on Flickr.
The day that we injected food coloring into fertile eggs at work to make rainbow chicks. Then a coworker stamped my hand with ink that turned out to be permanent.